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RF Tube CO2 Fractional & Surgical Laser
COPRO III, is the top quality Surgical CO2 laser resurfacing system has a dual system for CO2 surgical and fractional laser system which has CW, PW, Ultra and fractional laser modes. It has various tips for adjustable scanning controls allow for faster treatments. COPRO III’s multiple treatment modes gives treatment convenience for resurfacing and tailor procedures.
· High peak power
· Fine beam quality
· Spot size 100 ~ 200㎛
· Power scanner
· Less pain
· Various scan shapes
COPROIII’s the Surgical CO2 fractional laser by scanner type, makes the beam divide into micro-sized units and leaves normal tissues among the beams to reduce direct skin damages to shorten the down time and to allow the skin to be cured faster. COPROIII is very much effective to improve pores, scars, deep wrinkles and rejuvenation like laser scaling.

Company Name: Amt Engineering


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