Surgical Laser

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surgical, varicose vein treatment
Amplifying medium

1,470 nm


15 W


15 kg (33.07 lb)

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The principle of Endotherme 1470 is based on the thermal effect of the laser: it’s a thermal ablation of the vessel wall.

The 1470nm, which has a higher absorption in the tissues, improves the post-op comfort for the patient, while ensuring the optimal efficacy of treatment.

The indications of EVLT are the thermo-occlusion of

Great Saphenous veins
Small saphenous veins
Perforating veins
Veins with diameter from 4mm
Varicose Ulcers

The EVLT is effective, safe, quick and painless. This technique is lighter than the traditional surgery:

Local or locoregional anesthesia
No hospitalization, ambulatory
No bruises
No downtime: fast recovery
No post-operative effects: shower possible straight away, no pain

The main advantage of Endotherme 1470:

The Ringlight radial fibers, with the encapsulated tip, smooth and atraumatic, avoid perforations of the vein wall.

Radial emission leads to an homogeneous destruction of the vein wall exclusively.

Company Name: Lso Medical

Model: ENDOTHERME™ 1470

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