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surgical, soft tissue surgery, lithotripsy, urological surgery
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Fiber Dust® laser system is a Thulium Fiber Laser (TFL) surgical device intended for both Lithotripsy and precise soft tissue surgery. This device has a 1.9µm wavelength laser emission and is capable of super-pulsed mode to allow stone fragmentation and ablation. During the latest years, TFL technology emerged as a new alternative to Holmium laser, in particular for the treatment of stones. With the introduction of this new surgical laser device, Quanta System completes its already wide laser portfolio, empowering the surgeon with full choice in terms of surgical equipment.

First in vitro and in vivo experiences suggest strong potential for TFL technology in stone ablation. The peak power of TFL enables extremely limited retropulsion, while providing gentle stone dusting and generation of tiny particles. Indeed, TFL technology proved so far as an excellent dusting tool, in particular for low-medium hardness calculi.

The wide frequency range (up to 2500 Hz) allows to speed up the treatment once you found the desired pulse energy and pulse duration combination. Fiber Dust® further allows full performances already with 200µm core fiber, leaving space for output increase when needed. Additionally, the 150µm fiber allows even greater flexibility and irrigation flow.

TFL technology by Quanta System has been designed in order to enable compatibility with reusable fibers too, without the constraint in using disposable fibers only.
This choice allows significant cost saving with respect to technologies compatible with disposable fibers only.

Company Name: Quanta System

Model: Fiber Dust®

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