Surgical Laser

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Amplifying medium

10,600 nm


Max.: 30 W

Min.: 1 W


30 kg (66.14 lb)

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Las-o-Flex is equipped with sealed CO2 RF excited technology. It is Flexible easy to use system which used in many surgeries in the field of medical.

Good reason that make a truly convincing case:

– Versatile user-oriented operating modes such assingle pulse, super pulse, continuous and burst mode.
– Reliable beam guidance with minimal spot sizes and high power densities.
– Controlled by micro controller.
– Portable & easy to carry with no variation in guide laser.

Speciality of Las-O-Flex CO2 Laser

-Longest wavelength than anyother laser
-Using super pulse mode (cutting & pulsing).
-ensures almost no tissue damage by fastest and cleanest cut
-Excellent coagulation (hemostasis)
-True tissue regeneration
-Less bleeding during surgery.
-Reduced surgical time.
-Reduced healing time.
-Optimum comfort.

CO2 Laser microsurgery system Clinical advantages

-Small injury, no cut on the neck area and windpipe, less bleeding
-Non-touch, red light to indicate high precision
-Good functional security, heal up quickly, small scar & less infection.
-Short operation time, less pain & short hospitalization time.
-Clear operative vision, easy to operate & safe.

Company Name: Sltl Medical

Model: Las-O-Flex

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