Surgical Micro Scissors

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Medical procedure
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curved, straight
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Fine STILLE SuperCut micro scissors with straight blades and sharp tips.

30 years warranty
Surgical hand instruments manufactured by STILLE carry a guarantee in respect of materials and workmanship. For a period of 30 years after purchase, we will replace or repair a damaged instrument free of charge if the damage is found to have been caused by a defect in materials or workmanship. The guarantee is conditional on the instrument being used for the purpose intended, is cared for and stored correctly and that any claims are made in in writing within 30 days of the damage occuring.

STILLE Original SuperCut
All STILLE micro scissors are made with the original STILLE Supercut blades for consistent cutting performance in soft tissue.

Stille’s instruments are light and well-balanced, fits well in your hand and is a joy to use, every time. The refined design minimizes surgeon’s fatigue.

Company Name: Stille

Model: 117-A110-15

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