Surgical Needle Holder

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In its longstanding, customer-oriented commitment, LASCOD has now won another challenge by patenting an innovative surface treatment of surgical steel, giving rise to a new, highly functional smooth handle. This new handle facilitates the rapid removal of any organic or inorganic residues while ensuring excellent grip and control, as well as absolute hygiene. In a report that the WHO forwarded to various Health Ministries at the end of the nineteen-eighties, an alarming fact emerged: more than 50% of cross-contaminations occurred in dental studios. The most recent estimates published in 2008 declared that there are approximately 140 million people suffering from the hepatitis C virus (HCV), equal to 2.2% of the world population with a considerable variability in geographical distribution. It is most widespread in Asian countries, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean countries. This fact did not go unnoticed by LASCOD and the research and development centre immediately began to search for the causes, availing of numerous studies conducted worldwide.

Needle holders
# MH16 – Mayo-Hegar
16 cm – Per aghi – for needles: 1-0; 2-0; 3-0

Company Name: Lascod Spa

Model: ZFW001

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