Surgical Retractor

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Application domain
surgical, laparoscopic
Other characteristics
stainless steel
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Three Or Five Leafs Kite-shaped/Fan-shaped Surgical Retractor
• Use to pull the tissue in laparoscopic surgery
• Made in durable medical stainless steel
• Easy assembly and dis-assembly for cleaning and maintenance

Product Details
Surgical Retractor

This three or five leafs Kite-shaped and Fan-shaped Retractor is a pulling device in laparoscopic surgery.

It is made of fine and durable medical stainless steel with electroplated surface.

Optimum design ensures durability, longer instrument life and reduced maintenance cost.

Modular Design allows easy assembly and dis-assembly for cleaning and maintenance.

Available types to choose:5mm*330mm, 10mm*330mm, and three leaves, five leaves, or with bendable tips.

— ISO9001, ISO13485 and CE approved


Stainless Steel


5*330MM/ 10*330MM

Company Name: Hangzhou Kangji Medical Instruments

Model: 101 series

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