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Rescue cutters are a technical appliance which can be used for a variety of things in an emergency which you cannot be prepared for in everyday life.

Rescue Scissors SÖHNGEN®

The range of instruments which are on offer includes instruments which are primarily significant in first aid and emergency medicine. The range includes various different models of scissors, tweezers, clamps and forceps.
Operating room instruments
Stainless matt-polished 1A steel, matt silver glass-bead blasted , no reflection, individually tested for functionality.
Anti-rust instruments
Anti-rust high-gloss stainless steel, top-grade quality and function.
Nickel-plated instruments
Simple instruments which are often sufficient to cut bandages and plasters to an appropriate size.
Disposable instruments
Instruments made of plastic, in some cases in individual sterile packaging, e.g. scalpels, tweezers and umbilical cord clamps.
Devices are available for first and immediate diagnosis which have to be available for initial diagnosis in an emergency.

Company Name: Wsoehngen Gmbh

Model: 2001028

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