Surgical Scissors

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Medical procedure
Lister, atraumatic
Patient type
for humans
Other characteristics
tungsten carbide
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Our durable bandage scissors are perfect for nurses, doctors, clinicians and paramedic staff. These scissors are used to lift bandages away from the skin for easy cutting. The blunt and pointed tip prevents accidental injury during bandage removal. GerMedUSA Inc. offers a variety of Bandage Scissors German:

• Lister Bandage Scissors
• High-Level Bandage Scissors (Knowles)
• Multi Color Coated Bandage Scissors
• Super Cut – Super Sharp Bandage Scissors
• Tungsten Carbide Bandage Scissors
• Left-Handed Bandage Scissors

Our wide range of Bandage Scissors are specifically designed and crafted in accordance with the surgical/medical requirements.

Rainbow Color-Coated Bandage Scissors are used for tighter cutting without harming the skin. It has a variable length of 3 ½” to 7 ½”.

Rainbow Color-Coated Bandage Scissors are made to remove the bandage from the skin without any harm. This instrument boasts atraumatic application and feasible manipulation. Besides, it has a unique design. It boasts high tensile strength and requires low maintenance.
• German Stainless Material
• Blunt Tip
• Round Handles
• Lightweight, Robust, Sterilizable

Company Name: Germedusa

Model: G10 series

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