Surgical Scissors

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Medical procedure
surgical, dissection
blade, bayonet
Patient type
for humans
Other characteristics
autoclavable, curved, straight, titanium
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We offer a variety of models, shapes and types: Choose the suitable instrument from our wide portfolio. Smooth, serrated, sharp or blunt, adventita, dissection, Vannas or Biemer blades: Our range covers various blade types. Depending on the model and the requirements of the surgical procedure we offer blade lengths from 5 to 22 mm. In addition to the regular box locks we also offer streamlined models. Note: The blade lengths given in the catalog refer to the cutting part of the blade. The coronary type scissors are available in different angles, with or without ball-end tips.

You may choose from different handle types – according to requirements of the surgical procedure or the personal preference of the surgeon. Choose from flat, round, ring or golfball-design handles. Furthermore we offer bayonet and counterweighed instruments.

The precise manufacturing of a screw-applied box lock as well as a variety of blade and handle types, materials and surface finishes emphasize the high standard of our products.

Our scissors are either available in stainless steel or titanium. Stainless steel is a well-established raw material. If it is correctly treated, it will guarantee a long life of the instrument. The standard surface of our stainless steel models is brushed mat.

Instruments made from titanium are approximately 50% lighter compared to the stainless steel types. In addition, they are also nonmagnetic. The standard surface finish of this product line is blue anodized. Upon customer request, there are also other finishes possible.

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