Surgical Smoke Scavenging System

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surgical smoke
laparoscopic surgery
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Surgical smoke is composed of 95% water or water vapor and 5% cell debris in the form of particles. However, it is these particles that are less than 5% that cause surgical smoke to cause serious harm to human health. The components contained in these particles are: blood and tissue fragments, harmful chemical components, active viruses, active cells, inactive particles, induction

The Smoke-Vac 2000 medical smoking device adopts a 200W smoking motor to remove the harmful smoke generated effectively during gynecological LEEP, microwave treatment, CO2 laser and other operations.

According to domestic and foreign literature reports, smoke contains viable viruses such as hpv and hiv. Somke-Vac 2000 can absorb and filter the smoke generated during the operation in multiple ways, effectively eliminate the harmful smoke generated during high-frequency electrosurgery, microwave therapy, CO2 laser and other surgical operations, so as to purify the ambient air and reduce harmful smoke to medical care. Hazards to personnel and patients.

The Smoke-Vac 2000 medical smoking device can be activated manually or by a foot pedal switch, and can operate quietly even at high flow rates. The filter is installed externally, which is quick and easy to replace.

Company Name: Beijing Taktvoll Technology

Model: SMOKE-VAC 2000

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