Surgical Smoke Scavenging System

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surgical smoke
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SeeClear is a passive, disposable, multistage filter system that traps smoke, particulates and aerosolized pathogens, while absorbing odors and chemical toxins. No vacuum pump is required, so SeeClear functions silently, removing surgical plume and providing a clear view of the surgical field. Everything is included, enabling one easy connection to the trocar side port without any additional tubing. The elevated intraperitoneal pressure pushes out the smoke along with the CO2. Flow rates are preset to optimize smoke removal without losing pneumoperitoneum.

Parts & Accessories
SC062500SeeClear Maximum Flow Rate: 6.0 L/min. at 15 mm HG pressure differential (10/Box)
SC082500SeeClear Maximum Flow Rate: 8.0 L/min. at 15 mm HG pressure differential (10/Box)

Company Name: Wallach Surgical Devices

Model: SC062500,

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