Surgical Smoke Scavenging System

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The RapidVac™ smoke evacuator works with any electrosurgical generator to evacuate electrosurgical smoke and laser plume.

The RapidVac™ ULPA filter is a four-stage smoke evacuation filter, with no pre-filter needed.

The RapidVac™ interlink cable synchronizes the RapidVac™ system to the ForceTriad™ energy platform and the Force FX™-C and Force EZ™-C electrosurgical generators.

The RapidVac™ remote switch activator synchronizes the RapidVac™ smoke evacuator system to any generator by recognizing the cut and coag current that is being emitted.

The RapidVac™ smoke evacuator footswitch is used to activate the RapidVac™ smoke evacuator.

RapidVac™ smoke tubing enables controlled smoke evacuation when connected to the RapidVac™ ULPA filter.

The RapidVac™ smoke wand is used in the evacuation of laser plume.

The RapidVac™ Fluid Trap is designed to capture fluid that is inadvertently suctioned by the smoke capture device. This prevents fluid from reaching the filter. The RVFT10 connects to the 7/8” port on the RapidVac™ ULPA Filter.

Easy, effective, economical and quiet smoke evacuation
The RapidVac™ smoke evacuator system is designed to effectively capture and filter surgical smoke to remove odor, particulates, and other potentially hazardous byproducts of electrosurgery procedures.

RapidVac™ smoke evacuator works with the Valleylab™ FT10, Valleylab™ FX8, and other Medtronic electrosurgical generators. Optional accessories are available to enable other electrosurgical generators to synchronize with the RapidVac™ system.

Company Name: Covidien

Model: RapidVac™

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