Tracheotomy Cannula

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Medical procedure
Patient type
Length (mm)

28 mm, 44 mm (1.1 in)

External diameter (mm)

4 mm, 7.3 mm (0.2 in)

Inner diameter

2.5 mm, 5 mm (0.1 in)

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100% radiopaque silicone.
Cannula made in one piece, increasing the safety of the product and its handling.
Prevent accidental disconnection.
15 mm universal connector (allows adaptation to mechanical respirator).
Does not cause pressure injuries.
Low profile for greater patient comfort.
Reinforced bra. It guarantees the correct positioning of the cannula.
Lower risk of obstruction due to accumulation of secretions.
Includes fixing tape. Achieve optimal placement.

Company Name: Silmag

Model: 270 series

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