Tracheotomy Cannula

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Medical procedure
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Silicone Tracheostomy Tube

• Tracheostomy Tube is a hollow tube, with or without a cuff, that is electively inserted directly into the trachea through a surgical incision or with a wire-guided progressive dilatation technique in case of an emergency.
• The tube is made of medical-grade silicone, with good flexibility and elasticity, as well as good biocompatibility and good for long-term use. The tube is soft at body temperature, allowing the catheter to be inserted along with the natural shape of the airway, reducing the patient’s pain during indwelling and maintaining a small tracheal load.
• Full-length Radio-opaque line for detection of correct placement. ISO standard connector for universal connection to ventilation equipment Printed neck plate with size information for easy identification.
• Straps provided in the pack for fixation of the tube. The smooth rounded tip of the Obturator reduces trauma during insertion. High volume, low-pressure cuff provides excellent sealing. Rigid blister pack provides maximum protection for the tube.

Company Name: Haiyan Kangyuan Medical Instrument


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