Tracheotomy Cannula

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Medical procedure
External diameter (mm)

8 mm, 11 mm (0.3 in)

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The Long Term Cannula allows a secondary access to the airway.
It replaces the conventional tracheal cannula providing comfort, reducing the production of secretions and facilitating phonation.
Maintains the tracheostomal orifice permeable until its definitive closure is decided.
The tutor is fixed in the osteoma of the anterior tracheal wall and in the planes of the neck. Its introduction into the tracheal clearance is minimal.
The ring of the outer branch keeps it in the desired position.
Its external branch must be included permanently, so that the entrance of warm and humid air by the upper airway is possible.
Stening® provides detailed instructions for use with each device, including insertion and removal techniques, precautions, and postoperative care.
After removing a cannula or a t-tube, to avoid a definitive closure of the osteoma.
Preserve the tracheostomal hole.

How to use :
The osteoma button is introduced through the already formed tracheal orifice. Previously the surrounding skin will be sanitized and an antiseptic solution will be applied.
Since the long term cannula is small, the use of a lubricant is optional. The long term cannula is introduced by the stoma taking it between the thumb and forefinger or with the help of a curved forceps. Already in position and as it proceeds after the placement of the T-Tube model, the ring that fixes the lid, separated from the skin by a small gauze, will be applied. To remove the long term cannula, you must pull from its external branch.
Medical grade silicone
Bevelled edges to prevent granulomas
Surface of maximum softness to avoid adherence of secretions
Transparent or Radiopaque

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