Tracheotomy Cannula

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Medical procedure
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This tracheostomy tube uses thermo sensitive PVC material, which features on both of adequate rigidity for insertion and softness to adapt individual’s anatomy.

Valve with cap
Thermo sensitive PVC with DEHP free
Metal free valve for MRI test safety
Pilot balloon with size indicator
Low pressure cuff
Radiopaque inflation tube for radiological purposes

A Patient-friendly Device
Rota-TrachiTM Tracheostomy Tube not only provides basic necessities but is a ‘patient Friendly” device. The connector features an absorption design. This feature allows the connector to absorb pressure of any movement on it and thus reduce patient discomfort.

MRI test safety
Rota.TrachTM Trachoostomy tube ranges are completely free of metal, so remove of the tube prior to MRI examination is not

Disconnect Wedge
A convenient tool which helps to disconnect attachments on the inner connate 15mm connector. The clip on the wedge allows attachment to patients clothing. To avoid cross infection the wedge is included with each Rota-Troth”.

Company Name: Vitaltec Corporation

Model: Rota-Trach™

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