Tracheotomy Cannula

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Medical procedure
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Rota-Trach™ Inner Cannula Trachestomy Tube features a patented push-click secure device to push-in easily. Its outer tube is made of medical grade polyurethane (PU), which is also friendly for patient tissue.

It is available for adult in different types with cuffed/uncuff and fenestrated /non-fenestrated features.

Valve with cap
Soft wide neck plate
Pilot balloon with size indicator
Low pressure cuff
Push-click locking device
Metal free valve for MRI test safety
Radiopaque tube for radiological purpose

Press each side of the tab and pull to release cannula.
Insert the new tube

A Patient-friendly device
Rota-TrachTM travheostomy tube not only provides basic necessities but is a “Patient Friendly” device. The connector features an absorption design. This feature allows the connector to absorb the pressure of any movement on it and thus reduce patient discomfort.

Rota-Trachni Inner Cannula Tracheostomy Tube has an additional push-click design. It allows users to clean or replace the inner cannula easily. The tubes is made of medical grade polyurethane (PU), which is friendly for patient’s tissue.
There are 4 series for adult. the cuffed, the uncuffed, the cuffed and fenestrated, the uncuffed and fenestrated. Each series are available for 4 sizes.

MRI test safety
Rota-Trach ‘” Tracheostorny tube ranges ate completery free 01 metal. so removal at the tube pox ID MI examnaban a no necessary

Disconnect Wedge
A connivent tool which helps to disconnect attachments on the inner cannula 15mm connector. The clip on the wedge allows attachment to patients clothing. To avoid cross infection the wedge is included with each RotelToth”’.

Company Name: Vitaltec Corporation

Model: Rota-Trach™

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