Vaginal Speculum

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The Vu-Max vaginal speculum’s unique design substantially reduces the chance of obstructing the physician’s view or instrument access. Offered in both Pederson and Graves configurations.

Parts & Accessories
64-113Vu-Max™ Speculum Pederson Medium W22 L114
64-115Vu-Max™ Speculum Pederson Large W25 L120
64-218Vu-Max™ Speculum Graves Medium W33 L114
64-219Vu-Max™ Speculum Graves Large W35 L125
64-225Vu-Max™ Speculum X Large W35 L150
64-226Vu-Max™ Speculum 2X Large W35 L160
64-227Vu-Max™ Speculum 3X Large W35 L170
64-228Vu-Max™ Speculum 4X Large W35 L180

Company Name: Coopersurgical

Model: 64-1, 64-2 series

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