Vessel Sealing Electrosurgical Unit

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Cutting power

95 W

Coagulating power

95 W

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6 SENSE Technology ESU
VesSeal : 5 Level sealing. Max Power – 150W
1 Bip Cut Mode. Max Power – 95W
1 Coag Mode. Max Power – 95W
Cool Seal: Innovative technology to seal the tissue vessel by applying calibrated pressure with RF energy. The Collagen & Elastin within the tissue in vessel walls melts & restructure to form a translucent seal.
Sealing Program: auto-select is available as per the selected accessory & grasped tissue.
Auto Stops: The energy delivery with audio indication at completion of sealing cycle.
Tissue ReHold: Alarm “CL rEHOLd” is given if Insert is closed & “OP rEHOLd” in case of open.
Bipolar Cut & Coag: Independent Display setting with independent foot-switches.
User Programs: ONE User Programmable
Reusable Attachments: Laproscopic 5 & 10mm with changeable blade & open Sealer with various sizes. Minimum per case cost due to reusable attachments.
All international sealing attachments acceptable.
It can be use to seal tissue up to 7mm. Seal can withstand to 3 times normal systolic pressure.
Minimal thermal spread to adjacent tissue.
Independent Foot-switches for Sealer, Bipolar CUT & Bipolar COAG for simultaneous activation.
No tissue ticking & charring.
Independent attachment activation of Bipolar with Cut & Coag effect.
No foreign material left behind after surgery.

Company Name: Xcellance Medical Technologies

Model: Shalya VesSeal

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