Vessel Sealing Electrosurgical Unit

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saline coagulation, vessel-sealing
with irrigation module
Cutting power

400 W

Coagulating power

300 W

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Presenting SurgiX – VS1, a high-performance electrosurgical solution with unique features such as advanced feedback technology, personalized settings and safety monitoring; an exemplary solution for multiple specialty ORs


5.6-inch Touch Screen LCD
Modes: Vessel Sealing System, Saline Plasma Bipolar Resection, High Performance Diathermy 400 watts, One Monopolar & One Bipolar
4 Bipolar modes, Max Power – 120 W includes BiCut
Vessel Sealing: 2 vessel sealing modes; Max Power – 150 W
Saline plasma: 3 modes in cut & coag; Max Power – 300 W
Personalized Setting – 99 programs

Company Name: Bpl Medical Technologies

Model: SurgiX – VS1

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